A day of discovering how we can identify more closely with music, and how we use it to express ourselves more fully, and to get more out of our singing and out of life.
Includes Lunch

Why You Should Attend

Do you wish you were more......?
Do you sing with a safety first approach?
Is your aim to get through and enjoy being part of the music without spoiling it for everyone else or embarrassing yourself?
Do you try to avoid the wrath of the choir leader or the "better singers" in your choir?
Do you leave rehearsals and performances, wishing you were one of the people who could really let fly?
Do you just want to get started on singing in a choir without making a fool of yourself?
Then our "I Can Feel It" Day Is For You
On 9th July we will be running a full day event at the glorious chapel of Balliol College, Oxford.
The music will be simple. You will not have to learn it in advance.
We will spend the day teaching you to use all of your senses to help you to learn the music, and to be able to perform it in a way which makes you feel more fulfilled.
There will be vocal and non-vocal exercises and everything will be done with a sense of fun.
As with Every Choral Holidays/They Shall Laugh and Sing event, we will be creating a safe space in which you can experiment, take risks and grow.
You can book a place here
You can find out more about me , the company, what we do and about this event by clicking the link below to see a short video.^Jtn9Q8pgg
You can get more information about how we can help you to become a valuable choir member by clicking here

Types of Music
Event Info
  • Sat, Jul 9, 2022, 11:00 am

  • 09 July 6pm finish

  • Balliol, Oxford, UK

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