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The SLCA Youth Honor Choir Festival features youth and high school singers in collaboration with the SLCA Chamber Choir, Women’s Choir, Salt Lake Vocal Artists, chamber orchestra, and soloists. This year’s featured work will be “Requiem for the Living” by Dan Forrest. A requiem, at its core, is a prayer for rest, traditionally for the deceased. However, the five movements of this work form a narrative portraying light, peace, and rest for both the living and those who have passed.

Why You Should Attend

Are you a Dan Forrest fan? Come listen to the Youth Honor Choir perform one of his favorite works: Requiem for the Living. Listen to the Salt Lake Vocal Artists perform a piece by Dan Forrest. He never disappoints!

Types of Music
Event Info
  • Sat, Mar 16, 2019, 2:00 pm
  • Libby Gardner Hall
  • David P Gardner Hall
Additional Info

There are public parking garages near the venue. Please check maps so you can arrive early enough to park.

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