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Barcarolle Choir proposes a new workshop focusing on a few Christmas pieces. Want to improve your skills? Want to learn about singing?  Want to have some repertoire in order to entertain your families and friends during the coming Christmas gatherings? Then this workshop is for you. Both groups (Belters and Divas) will work on two or three pieces under the direction of Sam Evans, our MusicDirector. **BELTERS: pop, jazzy group, 12-1:15pm, beginners welcome, £13 **DIVAS: classical/contemporary group, 1:30pm-15pm, some experience required, £15. You can pre book your tickets by mailing to us or at the door on the day. Come enjoy the singing and have some fun with us! Everyone welcome! For more information: [email protected]

Why You Should Attend

This Workshop will definitely will be fun and energizing.

Types of Music
Event Info
  • Thu, Oct 4, 2018, 12:00 pm
  • Christ Church Kensington
  • Christchurch
Additional Info

Please do let us know if you are planning to participate so that we can organise the day at its best. Thank you

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